First FRCR

First FRCR

There are three sittings per year of the first FRCR exam. It is not necessary to pass both components at the same sitting. The exam is held in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. Additionally it is possible to sit the physics paper in Birmingham, Manchester and Dublin. Candidates who do not hold UK training posts must enter a ballot system to sit the anatomy exam.


The anatomy exam lasts 90 minutes and consists of 100 images with one question per image. Candidates are examined on an image viewing workstation delivered on individual workstations. The exam uses the OsiriX software which enables the candidate to window and zoom the images if required.

Candidates receive two marks for a correct answer, one mark for an answer which is correct but not fully accurate and zero marks for an incorrect answer. There is no negative marking.


The exam lasts for 2 hours and consists of 40 stems each containing 5 true/false questions. Each correct answer earns one mark. There is no negative marking.

What Doctors Are Saying

"Your quick and helpful response is very much appreciated. I'm always thankful to all of you who provide this platform for us candidates to revise. I subscribed earlier in the year too, and have noticed that there are updated and new questions - thank you. " Dr. Huei, Radiology Trainee, Malaysia
"Excellent resource for those revising for the FRCR 2A exam. Wide range of questions with thorough explanations and an emphasis on the differential diagnosis key points. Would recommend. " Dr. Nicholas Chua, ST3 Radiology, Basildon
"I found FRCR Exam prep to be a very useful exam resource. I found it a very helpful online tool for consolidating my revision for the 2A exam. I would definitely recommend it! " Dr. Shannon Anderson, ST3 Radiology, United Kingdom