Final FRCR part 2B

Final FRCR part 2B

The exam is held in London twice per year in April and October. The number of spaces available to sit this exam is currently limited. Candidates who are undergoing specialist training in the UK, or who are currently employed by the NHS may apply to sit the exam. All other candidates may apply to enter a rolling ballot system whereby any spaces not taken up by UK based trainees or NHS employees will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. It can take around two or three years to reach the top of this list.

The exam is also held overseas in partnership with the Hong Kong College of Radiologists in the Autumn and the National University of Singapore in the Spring. The application process for these exams is separate from the London exam.

There are three components to the 2B exam. Candidates must pass all components during one season in order to complete the exam; it is not possible to pass one component at a time.

The reporting session and rapid reporting papers are sat on one day. The oral exam takes place a few days later.

  • Rapid reporting – The exam lasts for 35 minutes. 30 different x-ray images which must be marked as normal or abnormal. If abnormal, the abnormality must be given.
  • Reporting session – The exam lasts for 60 minutes. Images belonging to six different patients. Reports must be created for all of the images
  • Oral exam – two stations lasting 30 minutes each

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